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Note: If you are submitting photos for High School Playoff or GameDay graphics please disregard the notes on banners. If you are submitting photo from a professional photographer please get permission to use them.


The most important part of your banner are your photos. Here are some requirements to sending us your photos. PLEASE READ. You will need to comply with these guidelines.

1. Remember, the quality of the photos you send determine the quality of your final design. Poor images don’t look very good in print.

2. The images you send will be the images we use. So be sure to send us ONLY photos that you are willing to use. If you don’t care for a photo, please don’t send it.

3. When sending photos be sure to send originals if possible.

What that means is do not send images copy and pasted or saved from Facebook or social media. Do not send a photo of a photo either. These images tend to be poor quality. Cell phone photos are also usually poor quality. We have lots of customers try and send these and we have to tell them they are not useable. It is important that we don’t have to add to the time it takes to create your design.  

4. IMPORTANT: If you are using photos done by a professional photographer, including school ID and year book photos, please secure the rights to use them. A copyright release will be necessary. If you purchased your senior’s digital photos you should already have both the photos and the copyright release.

If you don’t have photos, here are some suggestions:

Have a friend with a good camera take them. Preferably outdoors on a cloudy or partly cloudy day. Everybody has a friend who is a “photographer.”

Some camera phones have very good cameras. Try taking a few. View them by zooming in and see if they are blurry or pixelated. If they look good they may work. Just remember, what you send us is what you get back.

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