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Our benchmark product are our team and individual posters. You won't find a more creative and unique idea anywhere.

We create posters for your travel, town or school team. We design team posters as well as designing individual posters as well. Families can purchase both or choose between the two. We offer three different sizes and we also offer the digital version of your posters for you to print as many times as you wish.






Our Senior Banner design is second to none! While our photography is exceptional it is our graphic design that is the difference maker. We are not just photographers, we are artists. 

Choose from several different sizes and price points. Seniors get to choose their photo righ there at the photo shoot and you can see proofs in as little as a 24 hours. 

Not only is our design the best in the business, but our turnaround time is unmatched. Depending on the scope of your needs we can have banners in your hands in a matter of days.




To go along with our amazing Senior Banner Design is our equally outstanding team banners. We can highlight your whole team, or for high schools we can create senior team banners to remember their final year!

Banners can be done in almost any size from a small 3x5 to our massive 10x20. They are weatherproof and can be hung outside in any weather. 

Whatever you are looking for CineMagic will most likely outdo your expectations. 





Yard Signs are a great way to show your support for your team, but CineMagic's Yard Signs are the Coolest on the Planet!

We take special pride in our design work. No copy and paste clip art here. Nothing but custom, high end graphic design.

Standard Yard Signs are 18x24, come single or double sided, are weatherproof and come with a step stake. You have the option of adding names and numbers for your players as well.

FUNDRAISING OPTIONS: You can also utilize our fundraising pricing if applicable when doing fundraising. Please contact us about Fundraising for details. 

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Field banners have many applications and can be printed in many ways. All field banners come weatherproof and made of durable materials that can last for years. All with CineMagic's one of a kind design. Price depends on size.

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If you are looking to honor your teams accomplishments, CineMagic's Award Banners are a great way to do so. Banners can be customized to hang at your school, and even printed for each individual player on the team.

Awards can be given for team achievements and individual accomplishments. 

Banners can be printed at nearly any size.

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An increasingly popular product from CineMagic are our light pole banners. 

Custom designed to fit your towns light poles, they are a new and exciting way to display your town or city's support for your team. 

Do one team or every team from each season. 

If done in cooperation with sponsors, players won't need to pay a dime for theirs and get them for free at the end of the year. 


Senior Year. With all the challenges that the last two years have brought our seniors, CineMagic has developed a line of Senior products that are sure to amaze. 


From graduation banners to "Class of" Yard Signs, CineMagic has a vast array of products for your child's senior year. 

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New to CineMagic is our line of products servicing the Realty industry. 

From brochure design to yard signs and banners, CineMagic does it all. 

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Meeting the needs of construction companies is a service CineMagic has done for several years. 

From jobsite safety signage, to decals and job fair banners, CineMagic can meet your demands in a cost effective and timely manner. 

Our signage is durable and suitable for any jobsite.

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Serving the needs of our communities is one way for CineMagic to give back and our Community based products are a great way to bring your various projects to life.

We cover all bases from Concept to Design to Print. 

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Do you have an event coming up? Let CineMagic bring their unique design style to your event promotions. 

We can manage the photography, design and print for your coming event. Having received the International Airshow Award for best promotional poster in 2012 CineMagic is sure to bring a level of professional design to even the smallest of events. 

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Of all the design work we do it is the work we do for veteran's and those in the military we are most proud of.

We can create any kind of design, from Welcome Home and Graduation Banners and more. 

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CineMagic supports our frontline workers with some awesome design. 

From Banners, to yard signs to photography and more, we can handle just about whatever it is your medical facility needs. 


Hospitals, clinics, Drs offices etc. It doesn't matter the field you are in our impressive design is available to all. 

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CineMagic Sportsline - a subsidiary of Legacy Photo Design

(219) 455-8856   Griffith, IN 46319

Please note: By agreeing to participate in a CineMagic Photo Shoot, you give CineMagic Sportsline the right to use the image of your full team, which may include your child on our website or Facebook for display purposes or advertising items such as brochures or catalogs. Rights to use individual player posters for these purposes will be secured by CineMagic Sportsline directly with parents.

CineMagic Sportsline requires that all posters be proofed by parents or coaches before we print or ship them. This is mandatory as this help eliminate errors and ensures you are happy with your poster. We do not offer refunds on posters that are delayed due a poster not being finalized. For team posters, any mistakes made after finalization and need reprinting will incur a 15% reprinting fee. Team posters that are purchased by parents that have mistakes in spelling or missing players after finalization will only be reprinted for parent ordering whose child is part of the mistake.