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From $15-22

Price is determined by single sided, double sided, added names and fundraising options. *** A minimum order of 10 is required for any and all teams or leagues with some exceptions. Please let us know if it will be less than 10. We won't rule you out!

We will create your design to show your team at your request. 

Our standard size yard sign is 18x24 inches, single or double side, comes with a step stake and you have the option of adding names/#s or not. 

Looking to fundraise? You can with our yard signs. Just let us know you plan to fundraise with them and we will let you know all the details in terms of minimum order and price.

We will create a sign in sheet for you with a sample of your sign along with a form you can use to fill in players names.

If you wish to have yard signs done for non-sports related reason we can do that too!

Please see our FAQ section below.

Download & Print a Sign in Sheet to record team orders

Fill in team orders on our Order Form Page

Contact us 

with Questions...

  • How long does an order take?
    Depending on the day of the week your order is placed, it can take as little as 3 days. If you are not a local team it can take up to a week.
  • How do I pay for my team's order?
    You have a few options. Pay on delivery. Cash, check our credit/debit. Checks can be made out to Rich Ramirez. Pre-pay via credit card. If you are not a local team and we are shipping them you must pre-pay for your order.
  • Can I put more than one number on my sign?
    Yes! You can put up to 4 numbers on each sign as long as they are all on the same team or in the same organization.
  • Is there an order form we need to complete?
    Yes. CineMagic will create a printable order tracker form for you to use to take orders. Once you fill this in, you will go to the Submit Order link on this page. From there you will place your order. You also have the option to scan or take a photo of your order form and upload it from the Submit Order Form.
  • How are orders delivered?
    Local orders will either be delivered to your choice of locations or if it is more convenient we can arrange to meet with you for delivery. Although some local orders may be shipped.
  • How does Fundraising work?
    It is up to you to fund raise with your yard sign orders. You determine your own upcharge. Most teams set price at $22-25. Your cost is $18. You will collect all money, including fundraising portion and then pay CineMagic, less your fundraising totals.
  • Will we be able to see them before we receive them?
    Yes, we will either proof your signs with you for spelling on Facebook or our website, whichever is best for you. We do request that rather than having each individual parent proof them that 1-3 parents or coaches do so as it can delay your order. From Facebook, parents can like, share and tag their sign as they please.
  • What is the size of the sign? Are they weatherproof? Single or double sided?
    Yard Signs are 18x24 inches printed on 4mil coroplast. They are single sided, or double sided upon request. They are weatherproof and will last for many years if cared for. They come with a step stake for displaying in your yard.
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