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Files are layered and are Photoshop compatible.


Layers are all labeled with placement layer for players, team logo and team name.

Text is editable.

Sized at 16x24 for the memory mate and 24x30 for the individual, both at 300dpi.


Memory Mate can be resized for 8x10.


Sizes and colors can be adjusted accordingly. 

Photo Filter can color can changed easily. Please read short tutorial on changing colors.


Compressed Zip file Approx. 719mb

Retro Stadium Memory Mate

This file is a multi-layered PSD. 


A PDF Font list with links to fonts are included.


This is designed in 2:1 Format and is suitable for cropping to standard sizes such as 8x10, 4x6 and 5x7.  


The stadium image is flattened but all foreground layers are separate.  Border for team picture is a separate layer and your team photo can easily be placed behind it.


 Colors on banners, and wood circle (in circle logo) can be changed using the Image/Adjustments/Hue-Saturation option and adjusting the slider. 


Compressed Zip file Approx. is 110.5 MB

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