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Terms & Conditions for Schools

CineMagic Sportsline (CSL) is dedicated to bringing our high quality, award winning work to schools across the Midwest. Our commitment to producing work for schools also necessitates the following guidelines and practices to ensure that we are able to do so in a timely and reasonably priced manner.

Schools who desire CSL to complete projects for their school have a few options as every school has different needs. The following is our terms and conditions. If your school needs to modify these conditions they will be done so on a case by case basis. Click on any item to go directly to the subject.







  1. We ask that schools that desire to have senior banners completed schedule all teams needing senior banners on the same day. This applies to the particular season each sport is in, typically Fall, Winter and Spring. This will help CSL to avoid making multiple trips out to your school.

  2. If it is not possible to complete photos in one day, a $60.00 photo session fee will be included for each additional date.

  3. Each team will be responsible for contacting appropriate coaches, players or staff for times and locations of the shoot and to make sure all teams are present. This is to make sure that your CineMagic Photo Shoot Day goes as planned and is conducted in an orderly fashion.

  4. In the event that kids are sick we first ask that you see if they are feeling well enough attend the photo shoot. With the timely nature of teams needing senior banners, scheduling a second shoot for one or two students can delay production. This will be handled on a case by case basis.


  1. CSL will produce and ship your banners directly to your school or to a coach or pre-designated parent. Please let us know beforehand.

  2. CSL reserves the right deliver to local schools if necessary.

  3. Delivery times after final approval are as follows:

    1. Approvals on Sunday-Wednesday noon  will be delivered by Thurs or Fri of that week.

    2. Approvals Wednesday after 12pm – Saturday will be delivered Mon or Tues of the following week.

  4. A $50 rush fee will be charged for any banner projects needed in less than 7 days.


  1. Banners will include student photo, students name, class of, team name and school name. Any modification to this format must be request prior to the banner being designed.

  2. Depending on the amount of banners need and the timeframe requested, CSL reserves the right to create one template for all teams, changing out the team name, such as from basketball to wrestling. We also reserve the right to create new templates for each team. When designing one template for all teams some custom modifications may be necessary such as sparkles add to cheer teams, footballs or soccer balls added to the appropriate teams etc.

  3. We will proof the banner with no more than two designated team liaisons.

  4. Please keep in mind that multiple changes can delay the printing date.


  1. On rare occasions it may be necessary to reprint a banner. To avoid this, we have your designated team liaison proof all banners prior to printing. This is to check for any errors such as spelling.

  2. Once your banners are approved your team liaison will sign off on the proofs. Once approved we will print your banners.  No changes can be made at this point. Any changes for any reason once the banners are printed will incur a 20% reprint fee.

  3. In the event that CSL misprints a banner, no extra design charge will be incurred.



Many schools and teams have different methods of paying for their banners. Some opt to be billed with an invoice, some teams each parent will pay for their child’s banner. Some teams collect money from the entire team. The following are our guidelines for payments.

  1. Purchase Orders – for schools desiring a purchase order please create a PO and email it to us as soon as your schedule is set. You must include in the information you provide us the exact amount of banners you wish to have designed and printed and the exact deadline. We will not design banners unless they are specified on the purchase order.

  2. All banners invoiced to schools must be paid within 1 week of delivery of banners. It costs a considerable amount for printing materials and shipping for us to print your banners and payment in a timely fashion is critical. We do not bill 30 days.

  3. If you choose to collect money from the team in either fashion, from each senior parent or the entire team, money will be due the day of the photo shoot.Please work to collect money with enough time to have it for the photo shoot. We can also take a check or credit/debit card. Credit/Debit is our preferred way of payment

All checks can be made out to:

Rich Ramirez


Rich Ramirez -1st line   CineMagic Sportsline 2nd line

Credit Card payments can be made onsite, over the phone or via email link. A $5.00 Credit Card Processing Fee will be added to your total bill. Please note method of payment on all Purchase Orders.

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