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1. SPORTS: There are graphics for: Baseball, Softball, Football and Basketball. You can add your own for any sport.


2. PLAYER CROPPING: There is a layer mask in the PLACE PLAYERS HERE LAYER. It will crop the bottom of the player automatically when placing image under PLAYER LAYER MASK. You can choose not to use this mask and crop manually on a separate layer. 


3. HANGING ELEMENTS: There is a glove for baseball and softball and a rim for basketball. You will have to provide your own if you wish for football.


4. ROUND PAPER TEAR:The paper tear with the logo is optional and can be turned off and on. You can use this in conjunction with the layer BILLBOARD WITH HOLE  to show the sky and steel truss showing through if you choose.


5. SIZE: The template is designed at 1:2 (18x30) at 200dpi. You can easily resize to most ratios. We suggest anchoring to top center when resizing.


6. OVERHEAD LIGHTS: This layer has lights and light flares. You can turn off the light flares independent of the lights. 


7. TEXT: The TITLE TEXT AND GAME DAY TEXT can be adjusted as needed.


8. BASKETBALL, BASEBALL & FOOTBALL OVERLAYS: This layer includes textures that overlay the entire billboard, with Baseball & Softball having a few extra elements.


9.  There is an Hue/Sat adjustment layer over most elements. Turn off to increase Saturation.

10. FONT: The font is Komet Black Italic and can be found on Adobe Fonts. You can of course use your own.

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