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1. BACKGROUND : The background consists of an American Flag on a brick wall or a plain brick wall. 

2. FOREGROUND FLAGS : The Flags in the foreground can be changed from American Flags to solid color by selecting the layer “GRAY FABRIC” and using the clipping mask to change the color. Layer name-Bottom Angled Graphic w Flag

3. FOOTBALL ELEMENTS: You can turn off the footbal elements and use for any sport. 

4 SIZES: The template is designed at 1:2 and 4:5 at 300dpi. You can easily resize to most ratios. We suggest anchoring to top center when resizing.

5. FONT: The Fonts are American Scribe, Olde English and Impact. 
Impact and American Scribe are included in PS font family. 


Olde English

"The All American" Template

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