About CineMagic PhotoDay

Your Teams Photo Shoot

1. Bring all your equipment with you

2. We will be taking multiple photos of your players. Some will be still shots and some will be action. Having all of your equipment gives us more options in terms of posing. Catchers bring your gear. 

Please do not use a green accessories unless your team color is green. It will interfere with our green screen editing process. You can use someone else’s bat (for baseball/softball) if your’s is green. Please let us know beforehand if your team is green . In this case we will use a blue screen. 

3. You will select your photo immediately after the photos are taken on our iPad. You will select the one photo you wish to use and we will record it. Please keep in mind that We take up to 10 photos of your child and to make sure we get the right shot.  We only need a couple to work. If you wish to use a different photo for the team banner and your child's individual poster please tell our event associate. If you need to retake your photo please do so at the photo shoot. We do not reschedule retakes. 

If you are a parent or guardian who is present please feel free to view and select the photos yourself. For schools, if the parents are not present we allow the child to select their own photo. 

4. All poster orders are due the day of the photo shoot. Click here to go to our order form. Please have it printed out and ready to go at the shoot. We accept Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Card.

5. We will design all individual posters and email them to your coach to forward on to you for review. From that email you will be directed to fill out our online approval form. We do this to make sure everything is correct prior to printing. We do not print them until everyone has approved their posters. 

6. We have changed our delivery process this year for most teams. Instead of shipping them, we will deliver them either to a coach, team parent or team liaison. Or ship them to one location for distribution. You do not need to select shipping. This applies to all teams unless you are out of our range to deliver them. We will let you know regarding this prior to the shoot. 

COACHES PLEASE NOTE: You will need to submit a spell-checked roster prior to your photo shoot. You can do so at the link below. 

Due to an excessive amount of returned checks in the past, we are asking that you only pay by check if you cannot pay otherwise. Make checks out to Rich Ramirez Jr.

Shooting on green screens helps us with the editing process. Our software automatically removes the green from the image. It is important that you let us know if your team is green so we can use our blue screen. 

Selecting your photo is very important. It eliminates the need to email or upload photos for selection and speeds up the design process. It also allows us to keep better track of each player. 

Selecting your Photo

Multi-Team Photo Shoots

Organizations with more than 2 teams are set up the same way as individual teams. However, depending on the amount of teams and the time allotted and location, we may ask to do multiple shoots.

You will want to schedule the teams in 45 minute long sessions. Players that cannot make their time slot can attend any session. We do ask that they do this only if the cannot make their own session. 

All rosters must be submitted and spell checked prior to your shoot. You can submit rosters by selecting the "Submit Your Roster" button at the bottom of this page.



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CineMagic Sportsline - a subsidiary of Legacy Photo Design

(219) 455-8856   Griffith, IN 46319  www.cinemagicsportsline.com  csportsline@gmail.com

Please note: By agreeing to participate in a CineMagic Photo Shoot, you give CineMagic Sportsline the right to use the image of your full team, which may include your child on our website or Facebook for display purposes or advertising items such as brochures or catalogs. Rights to use individual player posters for these purposes will be secured by CineMagic Sportsline directly with parents.

CineMagic Sportsline requires that all posters be proofed by parents or coaches before we print or ship them. This is mandatory as this help eliminate errors and ensures you are happy with your poster. We do not offer refunds on posters that are delayed due a poster not being finalized. For team posters, any mistakes made after finalization and need reprinting will incur a 15% reprinting fee. Team posters that are purchased by parents that have mistakes in spelling or missing players after finalization will only be reprinted for parent ordering whose child is part of the mistake.