To apply for our incentive program please fill in this form. Please read the terms below. Open to any team in the U.S.

Terms & Conditions

1. Parents wanting to be considered for a FREE yard sign will receive their yard sign only if the team/s they are referring signs up to order yard signs.


2.. Only one incentive per team. If one parent refers multiple teams and each team signs up, only one yard sign is FREE. You must specify which team you want your FREE yard sign. Your team must order at least 8 signs.

3. You do not have to faciliate the ordering but anyone wanting a FREE yard sign must direct us to the appropriate entities who will handle sign up, payment collection, name submission and final payment.

4. You can refer a team that you do not have a child on, or refer a parent who does. They must sign up for our incentive program. 

5. This program is first come first serve. We will let you know if anyone has submitted your team for consideration. 

CineMagic will design your yard sign and a sign up sheet that you can print.

This incentive program is open until November 4, 2018. 

If you have any questions please contact us with the form on this page.

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