Valpo Gymnastics 2018-19 CineMagic Day


December 20th 3:00pm at Valpo High School

You can order online prior to the shoot or in person. Senior Banners are paid for in person. Senior Banner shown will be modified for posters.

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1. You will select your photo immediately after the photos are taken on our iPad. You will select the photo you wish to use and we will record it. Please keep in mind that We take up to 10 photos of your child and to make sure we get the right shot.  We only need a couple two work.

If you are a parent or guardian who is present please feel free to view and select the photos yourself. For schools, if the parents are not present we allow the child to select their own photo. 

2. All poster orders are due the day of the photo shoot or prior to via our online order form.  If you order online but do not pay online, we ask that you print out your order form and bring it to the photo shoot. We do this to collect your information digitally. It is sometimes difficult to read each customers handwriting and this ensures we collect accurate information. You can click below to order online. Click here to go to our order form.

3. We will design all individual posters and post them on a password protected gallery within 10 days of your shoot. We do not ship out posters without final approval from customers. If you do not receive a link within 10 days please contact us. 

COACHES PLEASE NOTE: You will need to submit a spell-checked roster prior to your photo shoot.

Due to an excessive amount of returned checks in the past, we are asking that you only pay by check if you cannot pay otherwise. Make checks out to Rich Ramirez Jr.


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Shooting on green screens helps us with the editing process. Our software automatically removes the green from the image. It is important that you let us know if your team is green so we can use our blue screen. 

Selecting your photo is very important. It eliminates the need to email or upload photos for selection and speeds up the design process. It also allows us to keep better track of each player. 

Selecting your Photo



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