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Read Here about Griffith High School Football Banner Project

"It's a great thing, really cool," Miller said. "The school's excited, the town's excited, and that's who we're playing for. It means a lot to us that parents in our community believe in us."

"These banners along 

with the posters are the 

coolest we've seen at any tournament we go to. Every tournament we are at, there are always several people who compliment us on how cool our banner is. A must have for travel teams out there."

T. Olejnik

St. John Tomahawks 

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Booking a Shoot is Easy and Free

Booking a Photo Shoot is simple. Just click on the "Book a Shoot" button below to go to our page with info on scheduling a photo shoot.

From that page you can link to our form you can fill out and send to us.

Contact Us

You can either fill in the "Book a Shoot" form linked above or fill in a general inquiry form by selecting the button below. This form gives us basic info regarding your school's needs. 

Play Video

CSL offers schools a one stop shop for all things youth sports. You no longer need to search all over for the various products your athletic department is looking for. CSL brings you a vast array of products to help brand your school and meet the needs of teams and its families. Below is a list of some of those products. 

Photo Shoots

We can set up at your school on either game or practice nights or any other day of the week. If you can provide a few dates for us we can compare them to our schedule. It is easier to fit your team in based on your schedule that it is to ours. Depending on the size of the team, the shoot can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. We take photos individually and crop them together for the team poster. So if you are practicing, you can send them over two at a time and they can go back to practice once they are done. *Within a 100 mile radius of CSL.

Cost: Free of Charge

Team Banners

Our team banners come in many different sizes. We have created them as large as 8x20 feet and as small as 3x5 feet. We can design them for entire teams, just seniors or any other variation. One great feature is the option to add your schedule to the team banner that hangs at your location. Parents can check after games to see when the next game is.

Schools can offset the cost by getting sponsors. Many of the banners we do are paid for entirely by sponsorships. 

Cost: Starting at $250.00


Photo Backdrops

Senior Banners

Our most requested product are Individual Senior Banners. They come in many sizes but the standard size is 2x5 feet. Our banners are suitable for outdoors, are weather proof and come hemmed and grommetted for easy hanging. We can create individual senior banners or team senior banners. 

Turnaround Time: In as little as 2 days delivered to your door once they are approved. Our schedule is based on what day of the week your photo shoot is. If you need these quickly, early in the week is your best option to schedule a photo shoot.

Cost: Starting at $ 48.00

1-HOBART SOCCER - Copy.jpg


While the majority of the work we do for High Schools involve banners, we also offer team and individual posters for players who are either not Seniors or upperclassman who will not be getting banners. 

Our posters range from 12x18 to 24x36, or parents can purchase the digital version of their child's poster so they can print them out as they wish, as many times as they want. 

Cost: Starting at $ 35.00

Our newest and most functional product is our School Spirit Backdrops. These have a number of uses and are intended to give parents a better place to take photos of their families at games and events. They can also be used for photos, college signings, media day and after game interviews. They can be generic to the school to be used by any team or customized to for each team. You can order multiple sizes for different events as well. All Backdrops come with grommets for easy hanging.

Cost: Starting at $ 65.00

Yard Signs

Want a great way to raise funds for your program and get something in return!? Our yard signs not only are they coolest yard signs on the planet, but they are a fundraising opportunity for your team or club. We can create yard signs for any team in the country. 

Go to our new page by clicking here for more information on ordering yard signs.

Cost as low as $18.00

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