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About CineMagic PhotoDay

Your Teams Photo Shoot

1. Bring all your equipment with you

2. We will take 3-4 photos of your players. Prior to the shoot you will need to select which poses you wish to choose from from our Pose Selection Page. Currently, we only have Baseball and Softball Poses available. We are working on additional sports.

Please do not use a green accessories unless your team color is green. It will interfere with our green screen editing process. You can use someone else’s bat (for baseball/softball) if your’s is green. Please let us know beforehand if your team is green . In this case we will use a blue screen. 

3. You will select your photo immediately after the photos are taken on our iPad. You will select the one photo you wish to use and we will record it.  If you need to retake your photo please do so at the photo shoot. We do not reschedule retakes at a later date.

If you are a parent or guardian who is present please feel free to view and select the photos yourself. For schools, if the parents are not present we allow the child to select their own photo. 

4. All poster orders are due the day of the photo shoot. Please have it printed out and ready to go at the shoot. We accept Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Card.

5. We will design all individual posters and email them to your coach to forward on to you for review. From that email you will be directed to fill out our online approval form. We do this to make sure everything is correct prior to printing. We do not print them until everyone has approved their posters. 

6. We have changed our delivery process this year for most teams. Instead of shipping them, we will deliver them either to a coach, team parent or team liaison. Or ship them to one location for distribution. You do not need to select shipping. This applies to all teams unless you are out of our range to deliver them. We will let you know regarding this prior to the shoot. 

COACHES PLEASE NOTE: You will need to submit a spell-checked roster prior to your photo shoot. You can do so at the link below. 



The 4 Step Process

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Pick Your Poses Before the Shoot


Turn in your order form

Get your Photos taken in full uniform


Select your Photo on our tablet

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