CineMagic works with non-profit organization seeking to help the community through their outreach.

Some of the type of work we CSL is willing to donate or design and print at cost are as follows:

  • Banners

  • Yard Signs

  • Event Posters

  • Promotional Material

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Photography

If your organization is in need, please contact us from this page. 

While CSL seeks to help people and organizations in need, we are a full service graphic design studio and are capable of meeting your design needs in any fashion, fully compensated or not. We do reserve the right to decline potential projects for any reason.


To view our design work Click here. 

Design Services

CineMagic & the Community

A look at some of the community services from CineMagic

While this page and idea is currently under construction, we hope that we develop this idea of working together with volunteer organizations to help give back to the communities of Northwest Indiana. 

We also endeavor to use our gifts to help those in need. We have done our best in the past to reach out to families who have lost loved ones, suffered tragedy and other difficult circumstances. We hope that 2018 will be a year of expanding our commitment to this idea.

CineMagic Sportsline offers internship programs for schools with such programs. We have worked with the Crown Point High School Internship program since 2015-2016.

If you an organization or know of someone in need that CineMagic can help. Please contact us below. Below are a few design samples and community work we have done.








Involvement and help with people and organizations will be either fully donated design and/or printing or design and/or printing at cost, depending on the need. CSL reserves the right to limit monthly projects. CSL also reserves the right to choose whichever project it interested in and reject any project it does not wish to handle. 

Thank you for your inquiry. We will contact as soon as we can.



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